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Details Approaches-to-Global-Governance-Theory-Suny-Series-in-Global-Politics

Approaches to Global Governance Theory As the debate over global governance heats up, Approaches to Global Governance Theory offers a guide to this new terrain. The contributors advocate approaches to global governance that recognize fundamental ...

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Details American-Patriotism-in-a-Global-Society-SUNY-Series-in-Global-Politics-Suny-Global-Politics

American Patriotism in a Global Society This book argues that the transformation of our world into a global society is causing a resurgence of tribalism at the same time that it is inspiring the ideology of political holism - the understanding of ...

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Details Negotiating-and-Navigating-Global-Health-Case-Studies-in-Global-Health-Diplomacy

Negotiating and Navigating Global Health Provides insight on how negotiations on global health issues have transpired, the successes, challenges, failures, tools and frameworks for negotiation, mechanisms of policy coherence, ways to achieve global ...

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Details Global-MB-15-Messerblock-mit-10-Messern-und-Schleifstab

Global G-8311KB/BD mit 10 Messern und Schleifstab Global MB-15 Messerblock mit 10 Messern und Schleifstab.Das Set besteht aus folgenden Messern:- Global G-2 klassisches Kochmesser 20 cm- Global G-3 Fleischmesser 21 cm- Global G-5 Universalmesser ...

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Details Global-G-2338-Messerset-3-teilig-G-2-GS-3-und-GS-38

Global G-2338 Messerset 3 teilig, G-2, GS-3 und GS-38 Das Global Global G-2338 Messerset besteht aus den folgenden Messern:- Global G-2 klassisches Kochmesser 20 cm- Global GS-3 Kleines Kochmesser 13 cm- Global GS-38 Schälmesser 9 cm Im August 2006 ...

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Details Global-Marketing

For courses in global marketing.Familiarizes Students with Global Marketing and the Global Business EnvironmentMarking the 20th anniversary of this series of textbooks, this Ninth Edition of Global Marketing builds on the tradition and successes of ...

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Details Global-Crises-and-the-Crisis-of-Global-Leadership

This groundbreaking collection on global leadership features innovative and critical perspectives by scholars from international relations, political economy, medicine, law and philosophy, from North and South. The book's novel theorization of global ...

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Details GLOBAL-SAI-M05

GLOBAL SAI Messer werden nach derselben traditionellen Produktionsweise wie klassische Global Messer von hochqualifizierten japanischen Messerschmieden bei Yoshikin gefertigt. Global SAI spiegelt die jahrzehntelange Erfahrung von Yoshikin in der ...

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Details Global-M5OM-Medium-Finishing-Schleifstein

Global Schleifstein MS5/OM, mittel, orange - Körnung 1000 Hochwertiger Keramikschleifstein von Global in der Körnung 1000 für den Grundschliff.- Abmessungen: 210 X 70 X 5 mm- optional erhältlich: Global Schleifsteinhalter G-777- Info: Die Global MS5 ...

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Details Engendering-Wealth-And-Well-being-Empowerment-For-Global-Change-Latin-America-in-Global-Perspective

[{ Engendering Wealth and Well-Being: Empowerment for Global Change (Latin America in Global Perspective) By Rakowski, Cathy ( Author ) Apr - 27- 1995 ( Paperback ) } ]